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Garage Door Screen DIY Videos

1. Will It Work In Your Garage?

Measurements & Clearances
Quick Tips

Make sure to measure the backside of your garage door.

2. Tools You Will Need

For Proper Assembly and Installation
Quick Tips

Make sure you are using a brand new razor blade when cutting screen.

3. Opening The Box

Safety First
Quick Tips

1. Be sure to inspect all packages for damages at time of delivery. Any damages must be notated on shippers receipt before driver leaves.

2. NEVER slice into any of the boxes with a razor knife.

4. Jobsite Preparation

Setting Up & Being Organized
Quick Tips

1. Take the time to get organized. It will definitely be worth your time and help speed up your installation.

5. Garage Door Adjustments

Opener, Draw Bar And Back Hang
Quick Tips

Be mindful that repeated opening and closing of the garage door can overheat the opener.

6. Frame Assembly

Understanding Frame Components
Quick Tips

Use only a hand screw driver when attaching magnet catches and DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.


7a. Screening Video 1

Proper Spline Insertion

7b. Screening Video 2

Patented Screen Clips

7c. Screening Video 3

Super Screen Install Technique

7d. Screening Video 4

Removing Screen Bubbles

8. Leveling The Garage Door Screen

How to level your screen
Quick Tips

Backer rod or pipe insulation can be used to level the frame. It can also be used when more height is needed from the frame to accommodate over sized openings.

9. Track Assembly Installation

Easy Assembling Steps
Quick Tips

1. Tracks should NOT touch the floor.
2. Tightening the fasteners of the track should be done last. Start from the back and work your way forward, ensuring the tracks line up and fit in the tight radius corners so rollers will operate smoothly during transition through the tight radius from horizontal to vertical.

10. Springs & Counterbalance System

How To Assemble
Quick Tips

1. ALWAYS have the safety cable in place.
2. Spring chart in the installation manual is a starting point. The more pretension you add the easier the screen will go up but it will take more effort to put down.

11a. Retractable Screen Door Assembly

How To Install

11b. Milano Retractable Passage Door Lockset

How To Install

11c. Milano Retractable Door Tube

How To Reset the Screen onto the Tube

12. Safety Photo Eye

Quick Tips


13. Final Checks & Verification

Completion Step
Quick Tips


14. Proper Operation & Storage

Completion Step
Quick Tips

1. When retracting the California Lifestyle Screen, always store with retractable center door in the retracted position.

15. Lubrication And Preventative Maintenance

Screen Care
Quick Tips

Never use WD-40 as lubricant. Always use a dry silicone spray lubricant.

16. Overhead Access

How To Access Overhead Spaces

17.Torsional Counter Balance System for 9′ & 10′

How To Install