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A Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Product Warranty (MPW) on parts applies to all of Mike's Garage Door Screens - system solutions: Garage Screen Doors, Commercial Rollaround Screen Doors, Carport Screen Door Enclosure Solutions, Motorized Garage Screen Doors, Solar Shade Solutions, Retractable Screen Door Solutions (All Seasons, Clearview & Genius) and Iron Mesh Security Doors. The MPW does not cover damage or wear and tear. Manufacturer warranty documentation outlining coverage details is available upon request. There is no warranty on the installation of any of our system solutions however Mike's Garage Door Screens does stand behind all of their quality installations and strives to provides outstanding customer service. If something isn't right for any reason, we will make it right.

No. You will still use your garage door as you normally would. The Lifestyle Screens system works in conjunction with your existing garage door allowing you to quickly switch between your garage door and your Lifestyle Screens system. When in use, the Lifestyle Screens exchanges positions with your garage door.

Yes, the Lifestyle Screens system works with all wind loaded and hurricane reinforced doors. However, if your garage door is reinforced with 6" C-channels, you should discuss the changes necessary with your installer.

Yes, the retractable door can be fitted with a locking mechanism at an additional cost. Locking mechanisms are optional.

Currently, we have 6' wide to 18' wide models and 7', 8', 9' and 10' tall*. The frame is currently available in white, brown and sandstone. 9' and 10' models available up to 16' width only.

Yes, you will want to open your garage door, roll your Lifestyle Screen down until it touches the floor, leaving it "kicked back" from the jamb. Then simply disconnect your garage door from the opener with the safety disconnect cord and gently roll the garage door down until it rests on the Lifestyle Screens frame.

Give us a call and we will give you a detailed quote.

You will get approximately 10% more airflow with the standard screen (58%)above optional screen materials (48% airflow).

You can buy and install the system yourself. We have installation videos available along with instructions and can answer any questions you may have. If you damage the system , you will be responsible for any replacement parts you will require. If installed by us, we warranty the installation for 1 year.

The upgraded Lifestyle Screen uses a mesh made of pvc coated polyester. The weave pattern is 17x20 and both the charcoal and white are good for customers looking for an extremely strong mesh. Only the white mesh functions as a privacy screen the charcoal does not. FYI, the standard mesh is made of fiberglass in an 18x14 weave pattern similar to that used in window screens.

The Lifestyle Screens will not work on low headroom applications. Low headroom garage doors are typically found in basement garages. They are typically identified by two tracks on the horizontal. Our installer will verify this for you.